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Who is eligible?

The scholarships will be awarded to recognize the leadership of students from historically marginalized communities who are eligible for full federal Pell grants for college. Students attending any high school in Danbury, CT may apply. Students need not reapply for the scholarship every year; scholarship winners will continue to be eligible for four years as long as they remain enrolled—and in good academic standing—at their college or other postsecondary program. 

Five scholarships will be awarded to each graduating class, building to a total program size of 20 college students by 2026. In addition to the scholarship, the program will foster community among students through in-person and virtual activities, providing mentorship as well as opportunities for the students to provide support to one another. In the first year scholarships will be awarded to both high school juniors and high school seniors. In future years the only entry point will be for juniors.

Students selected for the program during their junior year will be offered mentorship and support during their college application process, followed by program support during their college years