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How and where can the scholarship be used?

Scholarships are intended to help cover the expected family contribution (EFC) of attending college for four years. They are paid out directly to students, $2,500 per semester, for a total of $5,000 a year. Students will be required to document their continued enrollment and credit accumulation in order to be eligible for each of the eight payments. 

If the EFC at the student’s first choice college program is less than $5,000, students may request to use the balance of the scholarship funds for other related expenses: for example to buy a computer, for travel, to reduce educational loans, or to cover basic living expenses. 

The scholarship can be used at any public or private college or university in the US, provided students enter a program with a graduation rate of at least 60%. Data on graduation rates of US colleges (as well as other data about US colleges) can be found at Students may also seek approval to use the scholarship at a certificate program at a non-degree bearing institution with demonstrated results.