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Jordan Family Foundation’s Danbury Scholarship Fund for Student Leaders

Financial Eligibility for a Scholarship

In order to be eligible for the Jordan Family Foundation’s Danbury Scholarship Fund for Student Leaders, students will have to demonstrate their current eligibility for the Maximum Pell Grant. The two columns at the right with peach colored headings in the table below lay out the criteria for eligibility.

Only students whose families have income below the cutoffs in these two columns will be eligible for the scholarship. Verification of income will happen as a second stage of the process, for students who have made it to the second round of consideration. A number of ways can be used to demonstrate the applicant’s family income: W2 forms, tax returns, or demonstration that a family is receiving other forms of federal aid, for example SSI, food stamps, free school lunch, TANF, or WIC. Families without documented income will be asked to sign a letter attesting to their current income. 

Students should make sure they are financially eligible before applying for a scholarship. These are sometimes complicated conversations, and for many students it will be the first time talking with their families about their family’s finances. Kristin Kearns-Jordan is available at 917-882-0719 or to answer questions from students or other family members about financial eligibility.