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Completed applications should be sent as a PDF to Full application instructions and a checklist can be found at the bottom of this document.Please add your full name to the name of your document, for example: Danbury Scholarship Program Application for Kristin Kearns-Jordan.

  1. Please tell us about a leadership experience. Include a description of a time you led people and the impact that your leadership had. (No more than 300 words)
  2. Please write about something that is important to you. (No more than 600 words) If you have a personal statement for college available, feel free to use it for this question!
  3. For seniors: Where have you applied to college? Why did you choose these schools?For juniors: What kinds of schools do you think you might apply to next year? Why are you considering these schools?
  4. Please attach a copy of your activities sheet from your common application.
  5. Please share the name and email address of the person you are asking to submit a recommendation for you. We will plan to follow up with this person if we have not received a recommendation from them by December 15. Only one recommendation is required.